So you just booked your newborn session with me, your local Santa Barbara newborn photographer, now what?

You may be wondering how to prepare... First, let's remember you just had a baby. Your world was just rocked big time. You are tired, both physically and emotionally. The last thing I want is for you to stress about your newborn session with me.

Let's keep your preparation simple

  1. Plan to wear comfortable clothing in light neutral tones. You want these images to be timeless and I find that light neutral tones are best. Also, I don’t want you to be even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Wear what feels comfortable and true to your style.
  2. If it's cold out, turn your thermostat up to about 70*. It is nice to have a warm house so I can take photos of your baby unwrapped and still manage to keep them cozy.
  3. Your photo shoot is not a time to have guests over. Grandparents or special out-of-town guests who are staying with you, sure. But it’s best not to have other friends and family stop by during our shoot. Guests tend to distract the whole family.
  4. Don’t clean your house! You just had a baby, the last thing you need to be doing is cleaning. I will tidy up the areas I am going to photograph you and your baby in as I go.
  5. If there are siblings involved, let them know I am coming. Tell them a friend is coming to take some photos. If we had a maternity session together, remind them of our time spent and maybe even show them the photos as a reminder. It’s best not to surprise them.
  6. Gather any wraps, blankets, or other clothing you think your baby may need before I arrive. This will help me work more efficiently.

Your Newborn Photography session will be a laid back and beautiful way to capture this very special time for your family. I promise to make the experience fun and meaningful. I can’t wait to capture you and yours!