Finding the RIGHT newborn photographer is an important and personal decision. You should carefully consider your options and ask the following questions.

1. Do you do posed or natural "lifestyle" portraits?

Each photographer has their own style so it’s important that you research and look at their portfolio in advance to make sure this particular style is in line with your expectations. Natural portraits tend to have a realistic side to them, a “lifestyle” look, if you will. These sessions are done in a little bit more relaxed and natural feel with the posing that captures some moments of the baby and new family in their own way. “Posed” newborn photos are typically done in a studio, use a beanbag and props for posing the baby and feature a variety of blankets, hats, headbands, wraps, etc. Typically, most of the photos will be of the baby posed alone. I focus on a more natural and authentic approach to all my photography work, not only newborns. Consider which style you like best and ask your potential photographer if they share your vision.

2. Will our family be included in some of the photos?

3. Do you have many repeat clients? 

This is a great litmus test of not only the quality of a photographer’s work but of their customer service too.

4. What is your policy on rescheduling a session? 

An experienced photographer will definitely have a policy in place when it comes to a customer cancelling or rescheduling a photography session. A photographer with policies indicates that they have experience with different types of customers and situations and have created policies accordingly.

5. Have you had any experience with (name your specific concern)?

If you have any specific concerns regarding your photo session such as the photographer’s ability to work with a special needs child for example, find out if they have ever handled that type of situation before. Do not dismiss a photographer and their abilities based on their answers to your concerns. If given adequate notice, an experienced photographer should be able to deal with any situation you present them. This is the hallmark of a true pro.

Silent Question:

Use your gut to judge their personality and rapport. A photographer’s main job is to capture emotions and moments. If your photographer doesn’t mesh well with you on the phone or in person, chances are you and your family will not mesh well with them at your session and this will show in your photos.