Are you prepping for a newborn but aren’t sure what you should be preparing for? While I can’t answer all of your questions, I can answer your questions about having an in-home newborn session! Here are the five most-asked questions!

Who are in-home newborn sessions for?

In-home newborn sessions are for families that have recently welcomed a newborn into their lives. These sessions are designed to take place in the first few weeks of life to capture all those adorable, tiny details.

What should I expect during your session?

During your session, you can expect to spend lots of time snuggling up with your family. You can expect to be comfortable in your own home (please don’t worry about cleaning your home; I’ll work around what I need to). This session is designed to capture all of the love, exhaustion, and excitement that is currently coursing through your home. Newborn sessions last 1 to 2 hours, so there's pressure on time.

Where in my home do these take place?

Upon arriving at your home, I ask that you take me on a quick tour so I can find where the best light is. As a natural light photographer, I am reliant on light, and that will dictate where the majority of the session will happen. Most likely, your session will take place in a few rooms, starting in your primary bedroom, then moving on to your either the living room and/ or the nursery.

How can I make sure to incorporate the most into my session?

If you want to make sure each and every detail is captured, I suggest incorporating video into your session! With a newborn film, not only are the details of your baby captured, but so are the moments that each member of the family has with your newborn. You can also include sentimental items in these films that may not always be used in everyday life. Films are a great addition to your newborn session! Click here to find out more about family films.

Prepping for a newborn is a lot, and I don’t want your newborn session to be an additional stress. This is a session designed to be in the convenience of your own home when you are ready!  I hope I’ve answered a lot of your questions, but if you have any more, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m only a click away!

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