Understanding how to determine which local businesses are the best fit to partner with.

I don’t know about you, but the small business market in my area is thriving. So many fantastic, locally-owned businesses that our community supports. I love to see them, and better yet, I love to work with them! Working with local small businesses is a great way to get your photography business out there. However, you want to make sure you’re partnering with the right business. Here are five things to keep in mind when looking for the right local business to partner with. 

DOes your ideal client patronize this business?

First you must know who your ideal client is and then you can figure out which local businesses they are patronize. When you know which local businesses already has this same ideal client, you can start serving them in a different way. Where are your ideal clients hanging out?

Ability to display your marketing material

When finding the right local business to partner with, look for a business that will work with you along with what you are willing to provide for them. When you are able to display your marketing material (postcards, business cards, etc) within the business, not only does it promote your business, but it shows the support that this local business has for you. This credibility is wonderful for potential customers!

Provide access to their clients

Think of all the times that you have given your email to a store that you shop at. These stores collect client information to email, send mailers to, and contact about future sales. When you partner with a store that has collected this information, they’re doing the leg work for you! When they provide access to their clients, you’re able to extend your reach to potential customers!

Social Media acknowledgment

Instagram has recently added a feature that allows you to share a post on someone else’s feed! This allows a whole new audience to see you and your business. For example, you are preparing a mini-session for a local business. When you post your flyer on Instagram and share it with the business that you’re partnering with, their audience will see this flyer too! This is a game-changer! These types of shares, mentions in the photo description, or tagging in stories are all great ways for you and the business you’re partnering with to acknowledge each other!

Website backlinks

First off, what is a backlink? A backlink is when one website links to another website through text. For example, you’re reading a book review, and there’s a link to Amazon to buy the book. That link is a backlink. Why are backlinks helpful? Once again, an audience that may or may not know anything about you has access to your portfolio and how to contact you! The business you partner with could do this via a blog feature, through your featured logo, or even in their events sections. My suggestion is to take advantage of these backlinks! And they're great for SEO!

Do you have a business in mind that could possibly tick off all of these boxes? Wonderful!  Reach out and see what you would be able to do for them! If you are wanting to learn more about working with the right small businesses to find your ideal client, check out my online course! "A Fresh Look at Referrals to Book Your Calendar" is perfect for those photographers who are wanting to book their calendars in advance!