Tristin Tracy, Your Santa Barbara native Family, Newborn & Maternity Photographer

I have a question. Do you remember when and where you first fell in love with a passion that you have?

For me, it was at a quaint campus on Santa Barbara Street called Anacapa School, a local junior high and high school. My love for photography began during my first year there and I continued to foster this love throughout high school. For six years, I was in an elective photography class. During this time, my Canon Rebel and I went everywhere together. Even in those early years, I was passionate and excited about creating beautiful artwork. I loved manipulating light and capturing anything I could, which was mostly my cat Patrick, the beautiful Mediterranean and Spanish revival architecture of Santa Barbara, and the estate where my grandparents lived.

My photography teachers, Glenn Allen and Jensen Sutta, taught me more than I could imagine about photography and I’m thankful that I had more than enough space to practice. My grandfather was the head gardener for the grounds of Casa de Herrero He and my grandmother were the only residents on the grounds and as a result, I had my run of the place! I rode my surrey throughout the historic estate designed by George Washington Smith, I played in the ponds and fountains, and I brought my trusty Rebel with me to capture nearly every inch of those rose, cactus, and formal gardens. The ever-changing botanical gardens, the incredible imported tiles, and the impressive architecture were constant and changing inspirations. However, my favorite part of the estate as a kid; the giant two-story high fig tree with a never-ending supply of black figs. You just had to get them before the birds did!

During my six years of photography classes, I became the teacher’s assistant and learned how to develop my film (yes that’s right, my early days of photography were spent in dark rooms with contact sheets). Some of those images, along with my paintings and mixed media, even won awards at our local county fair. 

Anacapa gave me more than just my love of photography.

With only 60 students in the whole school, my class of seven was incredibly close. I can also say I dated every guy in my high school class (there were only 3!), and one of those three became my husband! This school has provided me with so much and has been a true fixture in my life. As a 4th generation Santa Barbarian, I am appreciative of everything this community has given me. This is my home, and I am so fortunate to be able to share it with you. 

Ready to see Santa Barbara through the lens that I have seen it through for so many years? Click the link below and get in touch! I’d love to show you my beautiful backyard!

Photos by Aurielle Whitmore