Understanding the in’s and out’s of your in-home photo session and how best to prepare

One of the most exciting things for me is arriving at a home that I have never seen before! Most likely, I have never been to your home and am unaware of the light sources available. I don’t know if the space is flooded with natural light or if there are any windows at all. I don’t know if your walls are painted in lighter colors or if your home is painted in darker tones. Each of these factor into how your images will turn out. More light means lighter photos. The darker the space, the more shadows and drama your images will have. Those are just the inside factors. There are so many other things to consider when preparing for your in-home newborn session.

Light & bright multiple windows

Dark & dramatic single window


Upon entering your home, one of the first things I will do is take a quick tour to see where the most natural light is. This means I will be looking for all the windows. During your session, the artificial light (lamps, fans with lights, etc.) will be off, making my primary light source your windows. Wherever I find the most light is where the majority of your session will take place. The larger the windows, the more we can move around, and these images will be brighter. If there are fewer windows or they are smaller in size, we will stay closer to the windows. As a result, these images will have more depth and mood to them. 

Dark & dramatic wall and decor color

Light & bright wall and decor color

Wall Color & Home Decor

While the windows may be the most prominent light source, the color/texture on the walls will also influence how I edit your images. Lighter walls and decor reflect the light from the windows, creating bright images. Conversely, darker wall colors and decor will consume the light, bringing out the shadows and depth. 

Light & bright clothing

Dark & dramatic clothing


What is said for wall color and home decor can also be said for the clothing worn during your session. Brighter colors will reflect the light. I wear a white shirt when photographing. Wearing darker colors will absorb the light in the room. If you’re unsure about what colors to wear during your session, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to discuss options with you! I also have more information HERE.

Light & bright

Dark & dramatic

Outside Factors

Even if all your walls are white, you’re wearing white, and I am in my whitest shirt, we still can’t control the weather. A rainy day is not enough to cancel a session, but it will change some of our light. The light that comes through your window on a sunny day will be different than the light that comes through on a stormy day. Light can also be affected by obstructions outside of your home. The trees, buildings, and hillsides can block light from coming in. 

While it may not seem like it, there are many factors I consider when photographing your newborn. And chances are your session will be a mix of both light & bright and dark & dramatic because we will move around and use different locations.

Regardless of what the elements are on the day of your session, just remember it will be joyful! Ready to discuss how to prepare for your in-home session? Click the botton below, and let’s chat!