Did you know that you have the option to incorporate film into your photo session? That includes newborn sessions! These newborn videos are personally some of my favorites. Not only will I capture beautiful images of your newborn, but I will also make sure to include your newborn, home, and sentimental items in your video. As your Santa Barbara videographer, I understand how important it is to include each and every aspect during your newborn session. Here are just a few aspects that I consider in the making of your session.

Film + Photo

Your newborn film session takes place at the same time as your newborn photo session. They happen interchangeably during your session, and each precious image that is captured is also captured on video as well. These seamless transitions allow you and your family to continue on without ever skipping a beat.

Sentimental items are captured

I know you’ve planned for the sentimental items you want to be captured physically with your newborn, but what about the painting that has been passed down for generations or your grandmother's jewelry that she left to you? Those items have a place in your session as well.  Prior to your session, set aside those sentimental items if you can, or make a list, and I can make sure to include them throughout your session.

The mood of the family in the house

Sure, we can all sit on the bed and stare for hours at a newborn. But what about after the photo is taken? Does everyone keep staring in awe at this amazing new addition, or does everyone take a deep breath and maybe blink a little too long? These moods, regardless of what they are, are moments that are often forgotten. However, by incorporating film into your session, you are able to remember how smitten you are with your newborn, in between all those heavy blinks, of course.

All the firsts

If you’re anything like I was when I first had my son, I wanted to hold onto each and every first that he had. I wanted his first yawn to last for hours, his first smile to last me till retirement, and I wanted to bottle up all the noises that he made so I could have them forever. While the photos I have of these moments are precious and definitely a keepsake, I wish I had a video of them to hear, just one more time. During your newborn film session, these moments will be captured for you to enjoy and share for years to come.

Newborn films are a wonderful addition to your newborn session. These are films to remember each and every moment of your newborn's life. They are also wonderful to share with family and friends now and years later. Imagine sharing this video of your newborn daughter with your daughter as she prepares to have her first child. So many memories and opportunities to share a wonderful experience with each other. If you are ready to incorporate a newborn film session, click the button below, and let’s get you signed up!