Six benefits of a one-on-one mentorship for new photographers

We have all been there.  Unboxing your brand new camera and ready to capture anything, literally anything, that you can. Taking on sessions for free just to have the practice, delivering hundreds of poorly edited pictures, and spending hours on Pinterest trying to find inspiration for poses. We have all been there. We have all had to fall on our faces a few times to build the businesses we’ve built today. 

I also believe there is a way to build a business without having a string of failures. With a one-on-one mentorship, I will help you build your foundation to create a generational business. Not quite sure that this is for you?  Here are six benefits of a one-on-one mentorship for new family photographers!

1. Learn the Ropes and Quickly -

There are so many things to do before, during, and after a session. During your mentorship, we will discuss how to make sure you are on top of every little detail. We will spend quite a bit of time making sure you are prepared for each and every session and situation. 

2. Skip (most of) the Rookie Mistakes -

I know I’m not the only one who has had to delete pictures mid-session because I have run out of space on my SD card and didn’t have a backup. Or delivered a gallery with over 200 images in it… and no, half were not black & white. There are so many missteps new photographers make, and I don’t want you to make every one of those mistakes!  We will discuss how these errors happen and create a plan to ensure they don’t happen to you!

3. Deep Dive into Systems -

This is the meat of our mentorship! Your camera system, your editing software, and your communication/delivery system are the most crucial parts of your business! You have to know how to work your camera, so that when it malfunctions in the middle of a session, you can resolve it quickly. So many rely on presets without ever learning how to edit their photos. This is a recipe for disaster! We will learn how to edit cleanly before adding any supporting details like a preset.  Finally, creating a system to communicate and book your clients gives you so much time back! This will help you avoid that burnout that you hear about so often. 

4. Running a Stress-Free Photo Session -

Rather than spend hours scrolling Pinterest, we will create a session flow that takes the stress out of posing. Instead, we will create a flow that brings everyone together and allows you to capture the moments that are naturally occurring in front of you. We will also discuss preparing your client for this type of session so they know what to expect and how to prepare their children.

5. Marketing to Your Ideal Client -

One of the biggest mistakes a new photographer makes is saying yes to everything. Weddings, birthday parties, graduations, families, products, or seniors. You name it. They say yes to it. I am going to encourage you not to do this. Instead, we will work together to determine who your ideal client is. We will speak to them and show them what they want to see and only what they want to see. We will discuss how to find your ideal client and how to market specifically to them.

6. Portfolio Feedback -

One of the best and most crucial parts of your mentorship is the portfolio feedback that you will receive. For so many, we go years without having another professional set of eyes on our work. Sure, your family loves it, but what is your work missing technically? With this feedback, we will tap into your inspiration and determine what your vision is and then create a plan for how to execute just that.  

I know starting a photography business can be intimidating.  There is so much that goes into building a successful business, and I want you to have just that.  This mentorship will help you create the building blocks necessary to truly be a generational business. If you are ready to take the next step, click the link below, and let's chat! I’m here and ready, are you?