If you are as excited as I was when I had my son, you would want to have a newborn session every day for the first six months of their lives. Every day, you’d want to capture the small, wonderful changes that your baby was already making. While most of us try to keep track of these changes on our phones, it’s important to have an actual newborn session to document not only their changes but to include you as well!

While your new baby may be camera-ready in their first few days of life, you, on the other hand, may need a minute to adjust to your postpartum body and life with a newborn. Scheduling your newborn session is up to you and when you feel ready! To help you decide, here are a few things to consider!


I am a lifestyle photographer, and your newborn session is no different. For these in-home sessions, I don’t bring any posing equipment (beam bags, backgrounds, props); instead, I let your newborn guide the session. Asleep or awake, I work around their needs at the time. While newborn photos can be within the first 12 weeks of life, I suggest scheduling for the first two weeks.


The recovery time for mom can feel huge! There is a lot going on with your postpartum body, and I completely understand not wanting to try and zip a dress shut or put on makeup! Rather let your natural self shine and don't put any stress in looking prefect. I have plenty of loose dress recommendations. Comfort is most important!


If this is not your first, your older children may still be adjusting to the idea of the new kid on the block. They may need some time to warm up to this new baby who’s taken all of the attention away from them. If you want to make sure everyone has time, I suggest scheduling for 2-4 weeks. I try to give only siblings attention as well, so they may actually enjoy the photo session and the interest I'm taking in them1

Newborn life is a whirlwind of diapers, feedings, and trying to get in any sleep that you possibly can. I don’t want your newborn photos to be an additional stress. When you’re ready, I will be here. Regardless of when, know that you will get amazing images of your family in this new chapter of life.  When you’re ready, click the link below, and let’s chat!

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