As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I still like to be prepared for every session. For those curious about what’s in my camera bag, I’m sharing a detailed look into the essential items I carry with me.

This guide will give you insights into my go-to gear and how I use it during photography sessions.

Video Overview Of What's In My Camera Bag

Before diving into the specifics, check out my What's in My Camera Bag video for a quick overview.

This blog will expand on the items mentioned in the video and explain why each piece of equipment is essential.

What's In My Camera Bag: My Minimalist Approach

I typically leave my camera bag in the trunk of my car and only bring a small basket with my camera around my shoulder to sessions.

This keeps me mobile and lets me focus on capturing moments rather than juggling equipment. The only exception is for newborn sessions, where I bring my camera bag inside the house but leave out any unnecessary items like blankets.

Essential Gear In My Camera Bag

Canon R5

At the heart of my photography is the Canon R5, a versatile and powerful camera that delivers stunning image quality. Its reliability and performance make it my go-to choice for all sessions.

Canon 24-105 f/2.8 Lens

The new Canon 24-105 f/2.8 lens is my lens of choice because of its versatility. It’s perfect for a wide range of shots, from wide-angle group photos to close-up portraits and was build for video. This lens allows me to adapt quickly to different scenarios without frequently changing lenses.

Camera Strap Scarf

I use a camera strap scarf from Etsy for added comfort and style. It’s also excellent for videography and adds a personal touch to my gear.

Small Rain Sleeve

I'm always up for getting in the ocean, especially for maternity sessions! I always carry a small rain sleeve to protect my camera from ocean spray. This inexpensive accessory is a lifesaver for keeping my equipment dry and functional.

White Shirt for Sessions

I always wear a white shirt to sessions. Not only does it reflect light, enhancing the quality of my photos, but it also looks professional. A simple white shirt from Everlane works perfectly for this purpose.

Additional Accessories

  • Wet Bag: A wet bag is essential for keeping items that shouldn't get dusty or sandy separate from the rest of my gear.
  • Lens Cleaning Kit: Keeping my lenses clean is crucial for clear, sharp images. I use a lens cleaning kit to ensure my lenses are spotless.
  • Extra Batteries and Memory Cards: Running out of power or storage is never an option. I always carry additional batteries and memory cards to avoid any disruptions during a shoot.

Meeting the Family

When I arrive at a session, I always greet the family and each child individually without having my camera in their face. This approach helps to build rapport and makes everyone feel comfortable. Establishing this connection is crucial for capturing genuine and relaxed photos.

What's In My Camera Bag: Final Thoughts

Understanding what’s in my camera bag offers a glimpse into my minimalist yet prepared approach to photography.

Each item I carry has a purpose and helps me create the best possible experience for my clients. Whether you’re a budding photographer or just curious, I hope this breakdown provides useful insights into my gear and workflow.

Don’t forget to watch my What's in My Camera Bag video for a more detailed look. There are essentials mentioned in the video that I didn't spell out above. Let me know if you have a question, feel free to contact me!

I can ensure every session succeeds by focusing on the essentials and staying prepared. Happy shooting!