The ultimate guide for momma to prepare for your at-home newborn session

Between feedings, naps, diapers, and housework, I understand how stressful life for new parents can truly be. Deciding what to wear for your at-home newborn session when all you want to do is sleep is hard! This guide is perfect for solving those “What do I wear?” concerns that you may have. I’ve included links for direct shopping and other tips to help you prepare.

Nothing Fits But

Nothing Fits But is a sustainable clothing company founded in South Korea. These designs for maternity and postpartum are versatile, original, and seasonally friendly. They also have multiple options for mommy & me clothing! Check out their stylish pieces here:


While your at-home session has a Sunday snuggles vibe, I want you to feel beautiful. One of my favorites from Amazon is this flowy midi linked here:

Baltic Born

Baltic Born is a clothing brand created by three sisters. They have created beautiful and timeless styles for women in all stages of life, including maternity. These gorgeous pieces are bold and rich in color. Take a look at their styles here:

When selecting what to wear, here are a few other helpful tips to prepare:  

  • Keep your clothing choices, for you and the whole family in light neutral tones. 
  • Keep your house nice and warm.  We want to keep your baby nice and cozy throughout the session.  
  • Gather any wraps, blankets, or clothing you think baby may need before I arrive. 
  • For baby: Choose a simple onesie or romper, but keep baby's feet and some skin visible so we can capture some of those sweet details. Have an extra outfit ready in case of spit-up or other accidents. AVOID anything with a collar that might keep flipping up or that will hide or distract from baby's face.

Your at-home newborn session will be laid-back and meaningful regardless of what you wear. This is an incredibly special time for your family, and regardless of what you wear, the time that we will spend together will be beautiful.