How to incorporate photos from your family session into your daily life

For years, the only way to view your photos after a session was to have them printed. These prints would be used for everything. Today, most galleries are delivered digitally. For many, that digital gallery is where your photos stay. You may download one or two. However, for the most part, we forget to enjoy our family photos. They remain lost on your phone or computer to rarely be seen again. It breaks my heart when this happens, not just because I am a photographer! As someone who wants you to enjoy your family photos, I’ve put together my five favorite ways to enjoy your family photos!

1. Share your gallery - Sharing your digital gallery with family and friends is an excellent way for everyone to enjoy your photos. These galleries are perfect for the people in your life that you don’t get to see regularly. To make it even easier, I can make you a mobile gallery app to easily share with your family and friends! Don't forget about your computer wallpaper or screen saver, another great place to see your family photos daily!

2. Photo Albums - With every session, I do include a complimentary, luxury linen album. These are a great addition to your coffee table and an easy way to keep these memories alive. You also have the option to order an extra copy or two to gift to grandparents and other loved ones.

3. Prints - Before I get started on the importance of prints… when I reference prints, I am not meaning CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc… ok now that that is off my chest, back to prints! One of the best ways to enjoy your family photos is to have them printed. When printed on professional-grade archival paper (from my website or ColorServices is another great local option) your prints will last a lifetime, maintaining their sharpness, quality, and color. 

4. Wall Art - Another great way to enjoy family photos is to have them printed on a hand-crafted canvas. These beautiful pieces of art are a contemporary way to showcase your images. These can be the perfect statement piece at the end of a hallway or the center of your gallery wall.

5. Holiday Cards- For some, their yearly family session is scheduled specifically so they can have images for their holiday cards! Holiday cards are customizable and are available in my print shop! Choose your favorite images from your session and share them with your family and friends!

However you decide to use your photos, I just encourage you to use them! Keep these images on display and remember these moments for as long as possible. If you are ready to update your family photos, click the button below and chat about scheduling a session!