How to speak directly to your ideal client through your marketing materials

Have you ever found yourself putting together an ad for Facebook, mini sessions, or even the copy for your website, and just not sure what to say or how to say it?  If this is you, the good news is you are not alone!  Finding the right voice for your marketing can be difficult, but I want to make sure you are prepared and ready to market yourself locally!  Here are a few tips I use when creating my marketing materials.

Use Their Voice

One of the first things any company should do, large or small, is determine who their ideal client is.  Understanding who your ideal client is will help you determine their voice.  If your ideal client is a millennial mom, she may prefer early 2000s references rather than current slang. Speaking in their voice automatically relates to your customer. If you are using words that require a dictionary or slang that they are unfamiliar with, you are creating a separation with your customer that is difficult to overcome.  When creating your marketing, speak in your ideal client's voice, ya dig?

Include an Incentive

Think about how many ads you’ve seen for Old Navy or Kohl's.  Buy one, get one, or buy one, get the store’s cash.  There are incentives used with every single ad.  Your marketing also needs to include an incentive.  For photographers, this could be a print credit, an extra digital, or an album.  These incentives entice your ideal client to reach out and inquire about a session or book based solely on the incentive. Add an expiration date to your incentive to make your incentive even more enticing.

Solve a Problem

When marketing to local clients, you have the advantage of knowing what is and isn’t currently needed in your area.  At the time of this blog, summer is almost here, and that means parents are making summer plans.  Creating a summer-themed mini session that the kids will love and giving the parents a 10-20 minute break is a perfect way to solve that “not sure what to do this weekend” problem!

There you have it!  A few simple steps to make sure your marketing is on point for your ideal client!  If you still have questions about marketing in your local area, I encourage you to check out my online course“A Fresh Look at Referrals to Book Your Calendar,” by clicking the button below!