If you're planning a family photo shoot in Santa Barbara, you'll want to choose a location that showcases the area's stunning natural beauty. From foothills to beaches to cliffs, Santa Barbara has many picturesque locations that are perfect for family photography. Here are five of the best locations for family photography in Santa Barbara:


The beach offers a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for playful family portraits.


Our cliffs and bluffs offer breathtaking and expansive views with walking trails that showcase Santa Barbara's beaches and fields nearby.


The Santa Barbara foothills are full of giant boulders and oak groves that provide plenty of opportunities for beautiful family portraits. The foothills are an ideal location for families who want to incorporate nature into their photoshoots.


There are many classic Santa Barbara landmarks that offer unique settings for family photography. From the Old Mission Santa Barbara, to Stearns Wharf, and even the top level of a parking garage can be loads of fun and offer spectacular views.

Lizard's Mouth in Los Padres National Forrest:

High up in the mountains, Lizard's Mouth has sweeping views of the city, ocean, and the Channel Islands. This is a popular choice for adventurous family photo shoots.

In conclusion, Santa Barbara offers many beautiful locations for family photography. Whether you're looking for a natural setting or an urban location, there is something for everyone in this coastal city. These five locations are just a few of the best options for capturing lasting memories with your loved ones.