How purchasing a maternity and newborn package together will help alleviate stress during this exciting time.

Preparing for your new addition can be stressful, especially if this is your first child.  Making sure you have enough diapers, choosing the perfect theme for the nursery, and organizing all their clothes are just a few of the items on your to-do list.  The good news is I can take a couple of things off your list! Scheduling your maternity and newborn pictures are two things that you can take off at once when purchasing a tandem package with me, your Santa Barbara family photographer!

Get to know your photographer

When you purchase a maternity session and a newborn session in tandem, you have the opportunity to get to know your photographer in a more relaxed setting.  During your maternity session, we will be given the possibility to feel each other out.  We will learn how we both communicate and where you feel most comfortable. Having this opportunity is immensely helpful when it comes to a newborn session.  The chaos that comes with a newborn can make a situation more stressful.  However, when you already know and trust your photographer, you are more at ease and, in turn, your baby will also be more at ease.

It is more affordable

Rather than purchasing each session separately, you can purchase two sessions at once!  In doing so, you are purchasing one of your sessions at half price.  You will still receive your complimentary, luxury album.  This beautifully curated album will include both of your sessions.  With over $550 in savings, you can go to a  romantic dinner after your maternity session or better yet, sign up for a food delivery service during those first few weeks postpartum!

Embrace the experience

These sessions are their own unique experiences.  Your maternity session can be more adventurous as you walk the beach and splash in the waves.  However, your newborn session is calm, cuddy, and done in the comfort of your own home.  Each of these sessions can have its own vibe and we can discuss which vibe you would like them to have prior to your sessions.

As you prepare for this beautiful chapter in your life, I encourage you to document it every step of the way.  The excitement of having a new addition to your family and the exhaustion of them actually being here. I’m here to do just that and if you are ready to book your tandem package, let me know by clicking the button below!