Professional printing makes a world of difference.

When researching photographers and their pricing, you might notice that some packages include digital photo files, or they may give you that option as an add-on to your package. This allows you to archive the images on your computer or share them on social media. But if you are planning to rush to the photo lab around the corner to have those photos printed, you may want to give it a second thought.

Yes, you just paid me, a professional photographer, to take your photos and you want to save some money, but by not getting a professional to print your photos, you won’t be getting the full effect of the time and effort that went into those images.

So why should you get a professional to print your photos?

There is a reason that I spent hours editing your photos. I aim to perfect the colors and sharpness of the images so that it is a work of art and not just another photo. My digital files are calibrated with my professional printing company and I can guarantee the quality. Your local CVS or Walgreens is not a professional photo lab and the person who will print your photos most likely will not have a background in photography or a trained eye, and they have not been trained in color theory.

I have access to a professional lab and have built a strong working relationship with them. My printers use professional-grade paper, inks, and machines that you won’t find at a regular store, which is why they cost a little extra. Trained technicians also monitor the printing process to ensure that you receive the very best quality images. By investing a little extra in your prints with me or a professional print lab, you ensure that they last longer because better materials were used.

There is of course a place for your 1 hour-print labs but if you’re looking to print photos for the walls in your home then havingn your photos professionally printed is well worth the investment.

And last but not least, I've made it easy to order prints. You can order wall art, posters, wrapped canvas, and prints directly from your gallery!

If you have other photographs that you'd like to have printed from a professional lab, I recommend Color Services at 230 East Cota Street. They're local, friendly, and quick!