Because JPEGS aren't forever!

We grew up with photo albums.

Your whole family history, thrown together in a bound leather book with those old pages that would stick on the edges. Each year, you would peel back the self-stick page and add the recent memories made. I treasure those photo albums, I treasure those moments captured so long ago, and I treasure the new memories made as my family members and I look through each photo.  

While I know we all love taking a few quick photos on our phones, we also know that in a few months those images will be lost in the digital clutter. In between the latest meme and that recipe you’ve been wanting to try is that picture of the kids that you’ve been meaning to send to your mom.

I want to make sure that your images are not lost in your digital clutter, rather I want them to be remembered and cherished for generations.

I want to make sure that even your professional family photos are not lost in the digital clutter or put in a folder on your desktop. Most of those folders aren’t opened for years…or ever! I want your grandchildren to look through these albums, much like I did with my grandmother. I want the visitors you have in your home to not only see, but feel, the love your family has for each other. By curating albums for your family, I plan on doing just that. And with three beautiful linen textile colors to choose from.

Linen Album Cover Options: Tusk (left), Sand (middle), Tundra (right)

When you sign up for a session with me, you are signing up for a family session and that includes a complimentary, luxury album.

These 10x8 luxury albums will preserve those special moments had during your session and bring them to life for years to come. The giggles, the smell of the ocean, and the mist of the ocean spray on your face will all be brought back to life as you turn each page. 

These albums are also wonderful gifts for family and friends. Think about those albums that you have been given throughout your life, or better yet wish you had been given. Your baby book, a wedding album, or those quick, thrown-together albums you put together during your teens are all meaningful in their own ways. Just think of all those smiles that looking through these albums will bring and the laughs that each story will create. 

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