There’s an old country song by Diamond Rio called “One More Day.”  The song's premise is, if you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Rather than wish for money or fame, they simply wish for one more day.  We never think to wish for one more day until we don’t have that day. It’s when we can’t make the phone call anymore, when we can’t drop by to say hi, and when we can no longer melt into a hug that we wish for one more day.  I know I can’t give you one more day, but as a photographer and videographer, I can preserve today. 

Whether you live in Santa Barbara or are here on vacation, I love to bring the whole family together for photo sessions! I get a brief peek into what you and your family are like when you’re together.  I see the dynamics between parents with their children and grandchildren, how quickly cousins fall in step with each other, and the inside jokes that siblings share with each other.  This controlled chaos is a great way to bring each other together, and yet it could be better!

Have you considered incorporating film into your session? Your session will still run as planned, but throughout the session, I will be switching over from camera to video and capturing the details that we all want to have for one more day. Holding a grandparent's hand, a hug from an aunt, and the laughs shared by cousins are all captured in a photo and on video to have for generations.

Even if I can’t give you one more day, as a videographer, I hope to give you one more memory to hold onto. Friends, I don’t want you ever to say we could’ve, would’ve, or should’ve. If you’re ready to capture these moments now, before it’s too late, click the button below, and let’s not wait one more day.

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