Do you ever look up and think, “Where did the time go?”?  It feels like, especially after the last few years, that time is just slipping away faster than we can hold on to it. One of the biggest reasons I decided to incorporate filmmaking into my family sessions is that I want you to be able to hold onto every moment possible. If you still aren’t sure whether or not a video is right for your session, take a look at the 4 reasons why you should incorporate film into your family photo session.

Everyone is Involved

How many moms have a camera roll full of their kids, even of their husbands with their kids, but when you look for photos of yourself with your kids, nada? Well, maybe not nada, but not as many as everyone else, and usually not as flattering. One of the best things about incorporating film into your family session is that everyone, that means you mom, is involved. Not only will get still get beautiful photos that capture your love for your family, but you will also see it on video! The hand holds, the hugs, and the hand in the hair as you guide your littles are all precious moments that not everyone gets to see. Not anymore! Your love will be captured just as much as everyone else’s! You exist, mom, and I see you.

Includes Audio

There comes a moment in every session where every family member is discussed. For example, what is your most favorite thing about mom? These answers, along with the natural chitter chatter that happens during your session, the giggles, and the belly laughs, are all captured on film for you to hear…forever. These sweet voices and these moments are encapsulated for your family to enjoy for years and years to come.

Embrace This Moment

One of the main reasons I love these sessions is that it slows everything down. For one hour, laundry doesn’t have to be done, the dishes can stay dirty, and the toys can stay out. For one hour, all that matters is you and your family embracing this moment as it is. Time is a thief, and taking a moment to be together and have it captured is a wonderful way to make sure these memories stay alive long after you do.

Generational Keepsake

This modern take on family films is a gift not just for your family but for future generations as well. As time passes, these moments become more and more valuable. Rather than looking at a photo and talking about the memory, you have the video to actually relive the memory for years to come.

While we can’t stop time, even though we try, As your Santa Barbara videographer, we can capture it. These videos are a wonderful way to remember all the things that we tend to forget. If you’re ready to hold onto the moments, I’d love to chat with you about incorporating a family film into your session. Click the link below, and let’s get to planning!