Are you still struggling to find that one perfect gift for the person in your life that has everything?  Trust me, I get it! There are just some people in your life that are always so hard to buy for, and I am here to help! I have compiled a list of gift ideas to give to someone who has everything!  Check them out below!

A Gift of the Month

I don’t know about you, but I love the gift of the month idea!  A book of the month for avid readers can be found at Book of The Month. Flowers of the Month can be found at Harry and David. Ice cream, cookies, or coffee! The ideas are endless! Check out this great article with many more ideas and where to find them!

A Gift in Their Name

For those who don’t need or want anything, donating in their name is a wonderful way to carry on their legacy. These donations can be to a cause that they support annually or to an organization that works to help a cause they are passionate about!

A Gift of Photos

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only could you gift someone in your life an actual photo session, but you could also gift recent prints or an album of your own photos! Giving the gift of a photo session is perfect for families that may not be able to afford photos, don’t always remember to have their photos taken, or extended families that aren’t always together. This gift is great for so many reasons.

Prints and albums are also excellent gifts for family and friends who may not live close by, that need some updated photos, or who love a great coffee table book! The gift of photos is truly the gift that can keep on giving!

An Experience as a Gift

Another gift idea is an experience. These experiences can be as big or as small as you want to make them. For larger experience ideas, think about taking a family trip, a membership to a local park or museum, or a creative class at your local college. For smaller experiences, these could be as simple as a spa day, a movie day, or a fun scavenger trip around town! Think about who you are giving this gift to and customize it to their personal preferences!

A Gift of Time

Rarely do we remember that the gift of time can be the best gift to give. As busy as we are, as our kids are, and as our lives are, sometimes we forget to slow down and just spend quality time with our loved ones…without an agenda. Spending quality time, especially for those whose love language is time, is so special and can mean more than we will ever know. This time can be shared over a homecooked meal, it can be a wander around one of their favorite stores, or it could just be on the couch watching Hallmark movies. Spending time with your loved ones can be a wonderful gift, and I encourage you to make the time to give your time.

I understand how difficult it can be to find a gift for someone who either has everything they need or doesn’t want anything. Hopefully, these gift ideas will help you during this holiday season! If you are in the Santa Barbara area and would like to gift someone in your family a session for the holidays, reach out, and let’s chat! I’d love to work with you and your family!