Understanding the importance of booking your family session early

Chances are, if you are scrolling through Instagram, you see a photographer, a hair stylist, or even a florist telling you their calendars are open and to book now. I am here to tell you when you see this… run, do not walk, to book your session, appointment, whatever it may be! While it may seem too early, and you can just do it later, you won’t. We all hope to remember to do it later, but most of us never do. Here are my three reasons why you should book your session sooner rather than later.

First Choice of Dates

As photographers, we understand that your schedules are jam-packed. Finding a space between practices, rehearsals, and life can be challenging. Trying to find a space at the last minute is almost impossible. When you want a family session, especially a fall family session, booking when your photographer opens their calendar is your best bet at getting the most options to book your session.

Planning Ahead

Booking your session early allows you to plan ahead. This time allows you to order your clothes, get them in, try them on, and send them back for round two. This time allows you to budget for your session. These sessions are investments, and for some, that may mean planning ahead. This time allows you to prep those in your family who may not do well with changes in their schedule. Booking early allows you to plan ahead and prepare for your session.

Book Your Favorite Photographer

One of the worst things that can happen is for you to reach out to your favorite photographer to schedule a session, and they give you the one session on a Wednesday that they have left, which is during t-ball practice or even worse! They have no dates to give you. For the first time in years, you won’t be working with your favorite photographer. I hate to even think about the possibility of missing out on seeing some of my favorite families!

So the next time you see a photographer, a nail stylist, or a venue advertising their calendar, do what you can to be the first in line to book that session! Book now before your calendar is flooded with a million things, before it is too late to find outfits, and before it is too late even to book!