Have you ever wondered why your session starts when it does?  Your Santa Barbara family session outside will begin at a different time than your in-home newborn session, and that is all due to light!  As a natural light photographer, I am reliant on the light.  Depending on where your session is will determine when your session will begin.

In-Home Sessions

In-home newborn sessions will take place in the late morning.  These sessions are mostly inside and require a plethora of light since the only light source is through windows.  Starting during the late morning means the most light possible will be coming into your home!  Expect these sessions to start around 10 am, depending on the time of the year.

Outdoor Sessions

An outdoor session will take place when the sun is the least harsh.  This time of day is known as Golden Hour, and it is the hour and a half after sunrise or the hour and a half right before sunsetThis light creates a golden, soft light that just makes everyone shine.  This light is just stunning and creates the most beautiful images! These session times change throughout the year, but we will discuss an actual start time closer to your date!

So what kind of session are you looking for? Your family session during golden hour and having a stunning, golden light that brings about a beautiful glow OR your newborn session earlier in the day with a more filtered light that creates depth through beautiful shadows?