Understanding the uniqueness of a Fresh 48 session

A Fresh 48 is in the name! This is a session with a newborn that occurs in the first 48 hours of life. These are usually done in the same location as the birth (birthing center, home, or even the hospital).  This session is designed to capture the most precious, intimate details during these first few hours. 

The exhaustion, the tiny toes, the first feeding, and so many other wonderful moments are captured. 

The good news is these sessions have zero pressure. There is absolutely no posing, no stops midway for a wardrobe change, and bun life is the best life. Live in that no hair and makeup moment. I am just there to capture you and your new addition as you spend those first precious moments together. 

A Fresh 48 session is an intimate opportunity for you to capture the first firsts and hold onto them for generations. If you're interested in booking your Fresh 48 session, click the button below, and let’s chat about your due date!