Determining the Perfect Location for Your Proposal

Couples from near and far come to Santa Barbara to celebrate their love. These trips can be for honeymoons, babymoons, or even to propose to your loved one. If you are planning a trip to Santa Barbara to propose, I have several spots that would be perfect to pop the question.


Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches are perfect for celebrating your love. While there are several beaches in the area, I have a few favorites. Stearns Wharf has breathtaking mountain, city, and harbor views.  If you listen closely, you can even hear the pitter-patter of the cars rolling over the wooden planks. East Beach is stunning with its white sand beaches, palm trees, and a beautiful backdrop of the mountains. Miramar Beach is a quaint beach lined with palm trees and bungalows. There is even a secret garden path. Talk about romantic! Maybe stop for celebratory champagne at the Rosewood Miramar Beach afterwards! Finally, Leadbetter Beach has lovely views of cliffs, the harbor, mountains, and even palm trees.


The Mesa Steps are a must, even if you don’t select this location for your proposal. Start at the top of the bluffs with views of the ocean and then begin your descent down the “thousand steps” to get to the beach. Truly breathtaking. Ellwood Beach has a beautiful walk through the butterfly groves to the bluffs and the beach. The Douglas Preserve is another great option if you'd like to bring your furry friend along for the big question. 


The More Mesa Park is a wide-open park with several hidden paths. I suggest walking through this park prior to your engagement to find the perfect spot. 


The San Marcos Preserve has a giant oak tree. We are talking an epic oak tree, HUGE! This area also has stunning views of the mountains.

Bonus Locations

Lizards Mouth in Los Padres National Forest has enormous boulders. Boulders the size of houses! You have views of the city, the ocean, and the Channel Islands. The sunsets are gorgeous. I must say this area holds a special place in my heart. Lizards Mouth is where my husband proposed to me. 

Regardless of where you choose, each of these locations would make a wonderful backdrop for your proposal. However, if you are needing help determining which location would be best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking the link below!