Gaining a deeper understanding of birth photography

One of the most powerful, difficult, wonderful, and emotional things a woman can do is give birth to another human. Whether it’s to term or premature, this experience is intense, passionate, and raw.

1. What is birth photography?

Birth photography is exactly what it sounds like.  A photographer capturing the birth of your babyThis could be at home, in a hospital, or even a birthing center.  The photographer is there to capture the immense range of emotions you experience during the birthing process.  From the exhaustion of pushing through the pure euphoria of holding your newborn in your arms, each emotion will be captured.

2. What is the difference between birth photography and a fresh 48 session?

Birth photography takes place during the actual birth. Starting during labor and ending during those precious moments of the golden hour.  Birth photography is in the thick of it.  A fresh 48 session occurs during the first 48 hours of life. Your photographer comes after the chaos of birth has subsided and is there to capture your baby(ies) in the first hours of being earthside.  Those little toes, that bunched-up nose, maybe even the first yawn.

3. How do we plan for a birth photography session?

When you find out your due date let me know and we will set up a session placeholder. While this session won’t have a set date and time it will give me an idea of when your actual session will be. I will become on-call for your birth after 37 weeks.  At this point, I HIGHLY suggest your partner put my phone number in their phone.  When you go into active labor, your partner will call me and off we go!

4. Are you all up in my business, or do you stay at a respectful distance?

Good question! We will go over all the details before your birth happens and I will ask your preferences. I will ask if there are any specific shots or angles you would like. Or not like. Some people feel strongly about not having any photographs taken below the waist. Others say everything is fair game. Often photographs are a great way to help process the birth afterward. All photos are done tastefully and if there are certain images (typically a crowning shot) that you only want to look at once and never again, that's okay too! I know all the right angles to keep things tasteful.

5. Do we need to let the birthing center or hospital know you will be there?

Yes, the midwives and nurses like to know I'm coming ahead of time, we don't want to surprise them! Often they can help let you know when it's the right time to call me to the scene.

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