Most vacations take months to plan... Hotel reservations, flights, car rentals, and tickets to local Santa Barbara attractions, are just a few of the items on the to-do list. I want to add one more thing to your list! Before you laugh, hear me out! I want you to hire me as your photographer when you come to Santa Barbara! There are numerous reasons why you should hire a photographer on your vacation, and I want to tell you my top Seven. 

1. Everyone is involved!

My heart hurts for all the pictures I look at from my childhood that don’t include my mom. So many trips, holidays, and memories left incomplete. Hiring a photographer on your Santa Barbara vacation is a guaranteed way to make sure every single member of the family is included. No more family members left out, no more awkward selfies, and, most importantly, each family member’s personality is captured rather than stiff smiles and squinty eyes. 

2. Sentimental souvenirs.

Did you know that when you book a session with me, you receive a complementary, luxury album? These albums will last longer than the postcard you mailed to your mom, the magnet that goes on the garage fridge that you rarely see, or the shirt that the kids will size out of in a few months. These albums are perfect for your coffee table. As Art Buchwald once said, “The best things in life aren’t things.” These sentimental memories are better than anything you can buy in a souvenir shop and will last longer too. 

3. We like to move it!

One thing that mom taking the picture, a stranger capturing a quick snapshot, or the selfie that you’re all crammed into all have in common is that they are usually in a harsh light with faces you can hardly see. Stiff, posed photos will never compare to the memories that we will capture together. The images of you twirling your daughter as she squeals with laughter, the tickle fights as you love and snuggle on each other, and every moment captured in between will mean so much more to you in the moment than a forced smile taken in passing. 

4. These images can be used for multiple reasons!

You know by now that you will receive a complimentary album when you sign up for your session. In addition to a wonderful coffee table memory, you can also use these images to decorate your home. These images can live over your fireplace. They can literally create a walk down memory lane as you walk down your hallway. They could even be in your child’s bedroom, so these photos can be the last thing they see before sleep and the first thing they see when they wake up!


Not only do these photos make wonderful additions to your home, but they are perfect for your holiday cards! Laid back family photos on holiday cards also share the reflection of your family’s best memories of the year. 

5. Locals know the best locales.

I think we have all done it. Googled top ten best restaurants in the town you’ll be traveling to, checked out Pinterest for the best places to visit, or even made a Facebook post asking for your friend’s recommendations from when they travelled there. All of those can provide wonderful suggestions, but nothing beats the someone who lives in the area and is familiar with the best spots! Your photographer can also serve as your on-the-ground local guide. I am itching for the opportunity to tell you about my favorite brunch spots, which playgrounds and museums are best for young kids, and my favorite places to hike with the family! Your vacation photographer also knows the best photo locations, along with things like when is “golden hour”, what to wear to look your best, and more!

6. Still needing a couple more reasons? Good, because I have plenty! If you hire me, my photoshoots are actually fun!

It is a special treat to have your photos taken, an indulgence that’s right up there with a Himalayan-sea-salt spa treatment (well, maybe not), or visiting a chocolate museum with edible displays (Santa Barbara actually has one!) My photo sessions are engaging, active, and will get you out of the hotel and enjoying the local beaches and architecture.

7. Ok last one, I promise! Headshots.

My photo sessions are a great opportunity to get professional headshots that aren’t corporate and stiff. Picture this: you on the beach with the palm tree-lined coast and purple mountains behind you – LinkedIn, eat your heart out!