I'm glad you're here!

... Aaaand now for the fun part (drumroll please!) Here is the Outfit Inspiration Guide! Dive into a magazine-worthy perfectly-style photoshoot!

Get you (A.K.A. 'Resident Photo-Taker') back in the family photos!

How many photographs were you (yes, you!) in last year? Probably not many... Us moms are usually the ones behind the camera phone saying "say cheese" and chasing after the little ones trying to capture that cute smile or a loving hug. 

I want to put you front and center in the viewfinder and capture YOU with your family. Let me document your family's joy, love, and connection with you in the frame.

Email me: tristin.tracy at gmail dot com for more info or to book a session. 

My Favorite Shops

Baltic Born $$ (favorite!!)

Joyfolie $$-$$$ (favorite!!)

Everlane $$

Zara $$

Target $-$$

H&M $$

Amazon $-$$$

Free People $$$-$$$$

ASOS $$-$$$$