Wardrobe Tips for your Santa Barbara Family Photo Session-

Family photography season is here! Whether you have a family session scheduled with me or another photographer, chances are you have questions about how to prepare. I get asked about wardrobe selection a lot and I am happy to give some guidance.

One of the most fun parts of preparing for your photo session is planning what you will wear!


This is the time to really express who you are! No need to stress about getting your family outfits together, just be yourself. Lifestyle photography is meant to be authentic. If you don’t like to wear dressy clothing, then don’t. If your husband hates formal button-ups, don’t ask him to wear one. If your daughter doesn’t like dresses, don’t make her put one on. If you’re a sporty family, dress sporty. You can find clothing that fits your style that is clean, nice, and comfortable.

2. Coordinate, don't match.

Mom, choose an outfit you feel amazing in and build the family's outfits around yours. When thinking about colors, choose colors that complement each other and the location of your photography session.

3. Stay away from bold prints, graphics, and fluorescent colors.

Please, don't let your children wear athletic shirts in fluorescent neon colors. Graphics tend to go out of style, so I suggest staying away from them. Bold prints can distract and look confusing. You don't have to shy away from color, just pick it mindfully. Fall colors photography beautifully at sunset- think rich reds, burnt orange, off-white, mustard yellow, sage green, and light brown.

4. Make sure the clothing you choose fits.

It doesn't look great when a child’s clothing is baggy or rolled up to fit. But make sure clothing isn't so tight that children (or you) can't move and play!

5. Mom, this is your time to shine!

I love when moms are in dresses (if they like dresses) or an outfit they feel great in! Mom, choose your outfit first! Choose something you feel amazing in and build the family's outfits around yours. Long flowy dresses or dresses that show your shape are great! Check out my client closet, especially for your maternity options.

6. Dress in layers.

Layers add interest but also allow for removing clothing if it gets warm. Think denim jackets, blazers, hats, scarfs, vests, cardigans, or tights…

7. Don't forget shoes and accessories are important too.

Mom, this is your chance to wear a special bracelet or ring; maybe a family heirloom? Necklaces or headbands can add a pop of color. Little girls with hair clips or flower crowns are so cute, PLUS it keeps their hair out of their faces! A stylish hat can add personality and attitude.

9. Ask your photographer for help!

Don't be shy. We are more than happy to help you along the way. Promise!

10. Fabulous finds!

Below are links to a few fabulous finds I have seen along the way…






Maternity Dresses-



Newborn & Nursing Friendly Outfits (for at-home photo sessions)-



Little Girl Outfits-




Have fun with this and email me now with questions!

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