Pregnancy is so many things! It's joyful, beautiful, and often hard if we're being honest. Growing and bringing a baby into the world is an incredably powerful life event that should be captured. You will never regret your decision to capture this time in your life as it goes by so fast.

My goal is to capture the beauty that is your pregnant body and also capture the connection between you and the little soul inside you. We will celebrate these last moments as a family of two, three, or whatever size your family is right now. I think it is special to have memories of what your family looked like right before the baby arrives. It’s a time you are going to want to remember and share with your little one once they are a bit older. If you are thinking about a maternity photo session then the below tips should come in handy as your prepare for your session.

  1. Schedule your session after 30 weeks as your tummy should have popped and have a beautiful shape.
  2. Treat yourself to a neutral or light colored manicure 1 – 2 days prior to your maternity session so that you can take some beautiful shots with your hands on your tummy.
  3. Take the time to pick the right outfit for the maternity shoot. You should of course be comfortable but make sure that your clothing doesn’t detract from your tummy’s shape and your natural glow. Avoid large, bold patterns or clothing that is too loose. Empire waists, drawstrings, flowing tops and wrap dresses are perfect for enhancing your shape.
  4. Feel free to accessorize! Bring a stylish hat, flower crown, special bracelet or family heirloom ring. We will have time to play around and try different looks. What is important is that you feel beautiful.
  5. If you're going to wear lipstick, wear one that is smudge-proof. There will be kissing. 

Pro Tip- You might want to go out to dinner after our photo session, everyone's all dressed up! Unless your session is at the beach, then you'll want to head to the bathtub!