Do you ever wonder how your family session could last an hour? It seems like a really long time to take pictures until we get started. Then, you won’t believe how fast the hour goes! This blog is here to help you understand how your hour will be spent and what photos you can expect!  Take a look at all these wonderful moments to be had!

Tickle Party -

This is exactly how it sounds! We just have one big, giant tickle party!

Explore -

As we move from one setting to the next, I like to take those opportunities to explore the area around us. We can look for bugs, rocks, and whatever else we can find.

Jump in the waves -

If your family session is taking place at the beach, one of my favorite things is to take a few steps into the water and jump the waves! Kids love this one so much, and it makes for beautiful pictures!

Swing the littles -

This tried, and true classic is a great way to get your littles involved in the action without asking too much at once. It’s a great icebreaker and helps set the tone for the session.

Family Train -

Did you ever make a giant snake at school? One person was the leader, and everyone else either held hands or held onto the shoulders of the person in front of them. This family train is essentially that. One leader gets to decide where we go next and brings the rest of the family along with them for the ride!

Crossing the Bridge -

There are a few locations that have small bridges that we will cross during your session. Taking a moment to run or race across these bridges brings an added element of fun to your session.

penguin fighting -

I love this for the whole family! I ask you to link arms and gently bump each family member next to you with your hips. This creates lots of fun movement, laughs and giggles!

Appreciation Circle -

Towards the end of the session, I like to create a space where each family member receives a group hug. During this hug, the recipient of the hug is also love bombed.  Everyone else is physically loving on them while verbally loving on them as well! Taking a moment to say what you love most about each family member, and vice versa, is a great way to remind each other how much you truly love and appreciate each other!

I love each of these, and these are just my top favorites! There are so many more that I enjoy bringing into your session! Each of these activities is designed to bring you and your family closer together while I capture the love you have for each other! Ready to love-bomb on your family? Click the button below, and let’s get you signed up for your fall family session!